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Frá: frettavefur.net
Skráð: 17-04-2004
Póstar: 12,132

DS = Destructive Smashing || Dynamic Soaring

“The OOOPS Thread” (http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2620306) in the RC Groups Dynamic Soaring forum got me looking for old photos of the massive amount of carnage - both mine and others’ that I’ve seen and caused over years of pursuit of the DS obsession. And I thought … hey, why not put together a video collage as well? It took a long time but here it is.

Doing this little project affected me in several ways - firstly making me sad for the loss of so many beautiful ships that I loved. And this video is by no means comprehensive - I can think of many, many crashes and wrecks that aren’t here … my own Shockwave and K2M, two of my saddest losses being amongst those for which I have no footage. Guilt at the enormous amount of money and time I burned up. But also as I worked through the videos and clips I got to re-live many, many truly brilliant times with friends in amazing places. So apart from the carnage I couldn’t help throwing in a few of the more uplifting moments as well. It’s been a wild ride, but these are memories I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Thanks to all the smart, fun, helpful fellow DS obsessed friends who contributed to this video!

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